Monday, August 17, 2015

vintage inspired hand-crocheted bracelets

over the past months, I have become intriqued with the old-fashioned handiwork of tatting. both of my grandmothers tatted beautiful edges along their handkerchiefs, pillowcases, and collars just to name a few places.  I was fortunate to inherit my grandmother's heart-shaped wicker sewing box. inside the box contained so many things that enlightened me to her way of living in the late 1890's.  imagine my delight to find her darning needles and wooden darning egg to repair holes in socks; hundreds of loose buttons; various packets of sewing needles inside advertisement cardboard holders; steel crochet hooks and pearl cotton threads in so many colors; tatting projects that were never completed.  it was as if I was re-living her life while touching all these wonderful items.  memories of her sitting in her rocking chair darning socks and her teaching me the correct method on how to use a darning egg; the proper stitch technique to darn a sock. how I miss those hours we spent together!  

in my grandmother's memory, i have designed a bracelet using the basic items found in her sewing box:  a steel crochet hook and pearl cotton

there are so many gorgeous colors of pearl cotton threads in the market today -- not only the white or ecru that was so common in grandma's day.  the muted purples and grays make a beautiful background statement for the bracelet.  a pop of bright peach and rose colors are perfect for the crocheted flowers.  i have been using top-quality threads that are made in romania -- the colors and gorgeous!  one is prettier than the previous one! and the colors blend together so nicely for the background and flower combinations!

i will be selling these at my upcoming fall craft shows (check my "calendar of upcoming events" page link to the right for more information on where i will be!)  

i am really happy with the final product -- each one is unique!  see the pictures in my prior blog....

let me know your thoughts!!!

vintage-inspired hand crocheted bracelets

pictures of my hand-crocheted bracelets

hand-crocheted bracelet with picot edging

close up view of hand-crocheted flowers, 
leaves and button

close up of hand-crocheted flowers and leaves

full view of hand-crocheted bracelet

full view of hand-crocheted bracelet showing picot edging,
flowers, leaves, button and closure loop