Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spring Time!!! New Yarns and Designs!!!

Thought I would update my blog background, keeping with the allergy season!
Aren't the dandelions and their seedlings blowing in the wind perfect for what is going on outside!  Thank goodness for my allergy medicine!!!

All my spring craft shows for this 2013 season are behind me -- thanks to everyone who was able to come out and support all the wonderful organizations who sponsored each show!  Lots of work for all the volunteers -- I do appreciate all their hard work in preparing for each show as well as their support both during and after the shows!  I participated in six shows this spring, running from March 2nd thru May 2nd (you can check out the link on the right-side of this blog for all my shows/dates/addresses).

I have decided not to do any shows this summer as I have done in previous years.  Instead, I will spend my time preparing for the fall shows, designing new items such as snowmen, cats, cards for all occasions as well as my popular scarves and necklaces!

I am excited that I found a retailer for some of the most gorgeous ladder/trellis yarns imported from Italy!  Gorgeous colors with both gold and silver metallic threads running thru them!  And the quality is absolutely top-notch!  I am in the process of crocheting my ever-so-popular ladder/trellis necklaces and scarves with this new yarn -- it works up like a dream!  Can't wait to post some pictures on my blog using these new yarns!

I also designed earrings using the ladder/trellis yarns.  I started selling them at my last two craft shows in the spring.  They were a big seller!  Lots of compliments!  These earrings are the perfect finishing touch to wear with the matching necklaces/scarves!  Lightweight, too -- you don't even know you are wearing them!  Both pierced and non-pierced styles of earrings are available for purchase!  I will post pictures of the earrings in the next few days.  So now I am busy buying jewelry findings, using crimping tools, and assembling earrings -- something I never would have guessed I would be doing!  But it really is fun to see the finished earrings after I insert them on the black velvet earring cards -- kind of a "wow" factor!!!

For those of you who love my ruffled scarves, I found a gorgeous new yarn called Allora manufactured in Turkey.  It is 100% acrylic and has beautiful intense colors, including some deep jewel tones.  I am hoping to knit one of these scarves over this weekend and will post it for you to see what I mean!

As you can see, I've been keeping busy, staying out of trouble (as much as possible!)

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Happy Wednesday!!!

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