Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Ruffled Scarves !!!

Here are some close up pictures of the ruffled scarves I will be selling at the craft shows this fall.  The colors are gorgeous and the scarves are so much fun to wear!  I order the yarn directly from the manufacturer in Turkey, as it is not available in the USA.  I'll be placing an order soon for the local school colors, since I'll be participating in quite a few of their fall craft shows.

Halloween Cats!

Cat bodies stitched together

Cat bodies ready to be stuffed

appliqued cat faces

Completed cats with halloween ribbons

These cats are from a Simplicity pattern -- I found some glittery Halloween fabrics to use as the bottom strip of each cat.  The face sections were appliqued using a wonder under fabric.  The eyes are cut from a glittery black felt and really add a nice touch to the facial features.  The ribbons are perfect for these cats!!!

Making Primitive Ghost Wreaths

Ghost bodies stitched, faces painted, and tea stained

attaching ghosts to grape vine wreaths

close up of attached ghosts

finished wreath embellished with fabric pumpkins, moon, and hanging spider

Here are the steps I took to make my ghost wreaths -- muslin ghost bodies and stitched in one piece and then top stitched to separate individual bodies.  I tea stained the fabric after stuffing to give the ghosts a well-worn look.  I attached some grapevine fencing to the front of the wreaths and stuffed with some moss.  The ghosts were hot glued to the inside of the wreaths and let to dry completely.  The pumpkins and moon are stitched and then stuffed with a little polyfil and attached to the wreath.  I used a pigma pen to draw the faces on the pumpkins and then added a little stick to each pumpkin top as the stem.  My die cutting machine was used to cut out each spider from felt.  Love the way they look hanging from the side of the wreath!

Doll and Bear Pieces and Parts!

Mini Annie Doll Bodies

Annie and Andy Bodies, arms, and heads all attached!

Annie and Andy arms, bodies attached to heads

Painted bottom part of legs white
Painted red stripes on legs....

I've been busy designing some new raggedy annies and andies...thought I would take a few pictures of my dollmaking process.  

I'll post more pictures as the dolls progress!!!