Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hand-Crocheted Wash Cloths

Here are some hand-knitted wash clothes I made from 
100% cotton grown here in the USA.  
I displayed them in a ceramic old-fashioned bath tub --
these cloths are perfect for baby!!

Annies, Teddies, and Cats ... Oh My!!!!

Here are some pictures of my annies, teddy bears, and cats
on display at a craft show

Scarves, anyone????

Samba Glitz Scarves

Salsa, Flamenco and Samba Scarves displayed at a craft show in small suitcases and on wire manequins
Absolutely luscious yarns!!!  And lots of colors, too!

a picture of my crochet necklaces, scarves, and cards at a craft show

The making of my teddy bears.....

teddy bear bodies stitched up and ready to embellish...

hand-stitched, stuffed and embroidered mouth/muzzles
hand- sewn buttons for eyes;
added blush to cheeks and inside ears
attached antique quilt pieces to arms;
tied ribbons around necks --
Ready for adoption!!!!

Here are my teddy bears -- 
I've taken pictures of the production time frame:
I sewed their body parts together, stuffed them, and hand-stitched the arms and legs...
then hand-stitched and stuffed the muzzles...
then hand-embroidered muzzles and mouths...
then hand-sewed buttons for eyes...
then attached a piece of an old quilt...
added ribbon around their necks...
and voila!  the finished teddy bears!!!!
Funny how each has it's own personality...

My Craft Room!

Here are pictures of my craft room where I design raggedy annies, teddy bears, cats, and lots of greeting cards!  This is after I cleaned up from my last craft show -- normally you can't even see the table top!
My sewing machines are in the back corner of the room while my large work table is in the middle of the room.  There is only one window, so light can become a problem.  I love my Ott lights -- really bring true color to whatever I am designing!